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Set of four mini coloring books - 4 patterns

This is a digital file purchase. The file is a single page PDF of my original illustrated mini coloring book pages. This collection includes two heart themed mini coloring books and two mandala themed coloring books.

This is illustrated by hand, and thus there will be slight variations in line weight, and little imperfections here and there. That's part of the charm.

Each is designed to fit US 8.5 x 11 inch paper, but depending on your printer settings and tech skills, you could adjust it to fit larger or smaller paper. Or, if your paper is larger than this, set your printer to center the design on the page when it prints and trim away (or leave... ) any white border.

I find drawing to be therapeutic the same way some people find coloring to be therapeutic. Whether you use this to ease your own mind while coloring, or you plan to give it to a child to color, I hope you will enjoy this piece of illustration.

As with all of our digital items, this is our own work. Please use your file for your own personal use, and do not distribute it publicly or sell it. We work hard at our art, and we hope you will help all artists by respecting the integrity of our work.

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