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The Wild Months Postcards Set are a pack of 12 postcards, one postcard for each month of the year. They combine drawings and hand-written notes about what to look out for in the natural world that month the birds and animals and flowers and insects that fill the countryside with fascinating movement. Each of the months has a different illustration. There's waxwings in January, a March hare, a nest of swallow chicks in June, a blackbird in October, and a robin in December.

The set makes a great gift, or it can be used to create your own calendar, or why not send one a month to someone special Recently a lovely man bought the set from me with the idea of sending one postcard a month to his Great Grandson. I was so pleased that I get to be part of that.

Size: The postcards are A6 size (105mm x 148mm) and have lovely rounded corners. There's plenty of space on the back for writing. Each card comes with a nice kraft brown envelope. They are packed in a cellophane envelope to keep the set together.

The Wildlife Calendar and Family Organiser Calendar are available now, too. Designing the calendar is one of my favourite tasks each year. I 檓 obsessed with tracking the changes in the seasons. I love learning about the countryside and it's rhythms and understanding why the world around us acts the way it does throughout the year.

The designs are inspired by the rich variety of the countryside. The idea is that they allow you to communicate your love for nature and the countryside. The original drawings are done in pencil & watercolour.

We love that when someone sends a card they are letting that person know they are valued. We like to imagine posties collecting and delivering the cards, and the journey the cards make by van and air and foot, landing on someone's front door mat and making that person's day. Are you planning on sending this card to someone special Let us know when you leave a review!

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